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Nick Fang

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, UTA


  • Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2008, Rice University
  • M.S. in Chemical Engineering, 2003, Lamar University
  • B.S. in Environmental Engineering, 1998, Zhejiang University

Work Experience

  • 2013-present: Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, UTA
  • 2007-2013: Research Scientist/Project Manager, Rice University, Houston, TX

Research Interests

  • Surface and groundwater hydrology
  • Geographical information
  • Flood warning and alert systems
  • Flood control and water quality strategies
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic modeling/design
  • Stormwater management
  • Pipeline systems
  • Open channel flow analysis inland flooding induced by severe storm surge
  • Contaminant transport mechanisms in groundwater
  • Aquifer remediation strategies and modeling
  • 2-D and 3-D visualization of fluid modeling. 

Membership, Honors and Awards

  • Member of SIGMA XI
  • Member of American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
  • Member of American Water Resources Association (AWRA)
  • Member of American Geophysical Union (AGU)
  • Member of Madison Who’s Who Honors
  • Eleanor & Mills Bennett Fellowship (2007)
  • BP Student Travel Award from American Institute of Hydrology (2006)
  • USGS award through Texas Water Resources Institute (2005)