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About the Urban Water Institute

Uniquely located in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex in the heart of North Texas, the Urban Water Institute has for mission to resolve the water-related issues that could burden North Texas with unprecedented financial, societal and environmental challenges and to help North Texas maintain its population growth, support its rising economy, and preserve the environment. The Institute has for mission and vision:


Transform water-related challenges into opportunities for North Texas.


Develop innovative triple-bottom-line sustainable solutions that benefit the economy, people and environment

People, Environment, Economy
The Urban Water Institute seeks triple-bottom-line solution for urban water challenges in North Texas.

Stakeholders and Partners

Solving the challenges associated with urban waters requires collaboration among service providers, contractors, regulators, manufacturers, industry organizations, local governments, consulting engineers, and universities. The Urban Water Institute has for objective to bring these stakeholders together. The Institute provides insights, conducts research, disseminates research findings, facilitates cooperation and development, and offers educational opportunities for current and future professionals. The Institute calls upon expertise cutting across disciplines, and helps build partnerships between the public and private sectors for addressing water challenges and opportunities.


The Urban Water Institute partners with many stakeholders in North Texas concerned with the urban water challenges in the 21rst century.