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Ongoing Research Activities

  1. Integrated Sensing and Prediction of Urban Water for Sustainable Cities (Workshop)
    Lead researcher: DJ Seo
    June 2015
  2. Urban Waters and Humanity
    A presentation at Southern Methodist University by JP Bardet
    March 2015
  3. Urban Waters: An overview of research activities at the Urban Water Institute
    A presentation to the UT System Chancellor's Council by JP Bardet
    February 2015. 
  4. Epidemiology of urban water distribution systems, Bardet and Little, 2014
  5. Failure of street pavements resulting from underground water pipeline breaks, Bardet et al, 2014 (Extended summary)
  6. Managing water runoffs using high-resolution weather radars
    Lead researchers: DJ Seo
  7. Preventing urban floods
    Lead researcher: Nick Fang
  8. 2014 Low Impact Development (LID) Workshop
    Lead researcher: Nick Fang