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The University of Texas at Arlington's Center for Theory is designed to facilitate the research and teaching of a growing number of faculty and graduate students interested in contemporary social and cultural theories. The Center serves as an interdisciplinary gathering point, bridging social sciences and humanities. Of particular interest is the impact of information and communication technologies on the self, society and culture. Indeed, we use these technologies to include scholars at other universities in the work of the Center, such as Doug Kellner at UCLA, Timothy Luke at Virginia Tech and Mark Poster at UC-Irvine. We aim to create a sense of intellectual community at UTA and to focus discussion on central social problems of the early 21st century.

The Center hosts colloquia and makes information available about ongoing faculty research and about theoretically-oriented graduate courses, across, and even beyond, the College of Liberal Arts. In the future, we hope to offer graduate fellowships and sponsor faculty research as we secure an economic base for the Center.

We have started an electronic journal, Fast Capitalism, devoted to the examination of 21st century social issues, especially the impact of information and communication technologies on self, society and culture. The journal bridges social sciences and humanities, and it welcomes both disciplinary and interdisciplinary work. We will publish regular papers and we will also offer opportunities for dialogues and communications. Fast Capitalism 1.1 has just been posted at Please direct submissions to Ben Agger,

The Center for Theory is seeking a permanent base of funding with which to offer graduate fellowships, sponsor faculty research and operate the journal. Naming opportunities are available to willing patrons!

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