The Kiss of Death: Chagas' Disease in the Americas

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How We Are Suffering From Chagas

We all suffer from Chagasí disease. Cardiac and intestinal symptoms permanently afflict many people, but its effects extend throughout the Americas by increasing poverty, destruction of wild animals, and health costs.

People infected with T. cruzi are afflicted with many ailments, the most common being swelling or denervation of nervous tissue in the heart, colon, and esophagus. Some infected people live many years without any visible symptoms, while others painfully endure constipation, fatigue, choking, and heart attacks. People suffer fatigue, heart disease, intestinal disorders, and choking. Colonization by the parasite takes many forms, depending upon the zymodene of the parasite, a person's immune system and state of health.

Other segments of society feel the effect of T. cruzi. Do you suffer from Chagas' disease?The hunger that Western societies has for the resources that were once so abundant in South America has caused great harm to the fragile balance that existed for thousands of years between the human population and the natural flora of tropical regions. As the rain forest is being depleted, and people overpopulate these regions, triatomines move into houses and cities. There is at present adequate no cure for chronic Chagasí disease.

The shrinking of our world has a large influence on how Chagas is carried into other regions of the world. Economic treaties create new opportunities for the trypanosome to move to organisms that are less capable of readily dealing with it. Chagas is increasingly being found in the United States, being transmitted by blood transfusion.

Below are a number of topics regarding the affliction of Chagasí disease and how it effects us.

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