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Past Seminars

September 4
Professor Todd W. Hudnall
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Texas State University

“Stabilizing Unusual P-Block Oxidation States, Allotropes, and Radicals Using Carbonyl-Decorated Carbenes”

 Host: Dr. Alejandro Bugarin

September 11
Professor Chou Chen
Department of Biochemistry
UT Southwestern

“Taking Inspiration from Biology Oxidation Reactions”

Hosts: Dr. Carl Lovely and Dr. Alejandro Bugarin

September 18
Professor Andrew Mitchell
Department of Chemistry
Illinois State University

“Exploration of [5+2] Cycloadditions toward Novel Heterocyclic Scaffolds”

Host: Dr. Alejandro Bugarin

September 25
Professor Michael Breadmore
Department of Chemistry 
University of Tasmania

“Electrophoretic Systems and Devices: Fabrication, Design and Applications”

Host: Dr. Sandy Dasgupta


October 2
Professor Sean Burrows
Department of Chemistry 
Oregon State University

"Biochemical Analysis: MicroRNA Fluorescent Biosensors, Spectral Resolution, and Plasmonics"

Host: Dr. Sandy Dasgupta

October 9       
Professor  Xingzhong Yan
College of Science and Engineering
Texas A&M University, Commerce

“Exciton Dynamics in Organic Photovoltaic Materials”

Host: Dr. Junha Jeon

October 16     
Professor Fred MacDonnell
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry 
University of Texas at Arlington

“Ruthenium Complexes of Redox-Active Intercalating Ligands as an Emerging Class of Anti-Cancer Agents” 

Host: Dr. Alejandro Bugarin

October 22 (Thursday, CPB 303) 
Dr. John F. Mitchell
Argonne National Laboratory
Senior Chemist 

“New Materials:  What, Why, . . . and How?”

Host: Dr. Robin Macaluso

October 23

COS 50th Birthday-CHEM Event

October 30
Dr. Russell Grant
Vice-President, Research and Development
Laboratory Corporation of America

“Personalized Measurement For the Free Range Human”

Host: Dr. Saiful Chowdhury

November 6
Professor Brandon Ruotolo
Department of Chemistry 
University of Michigan

“Structural Biology in the Gas Phase: New Approaches for Conformationally-Selective Inhibitor Screening and Multiprotein Topology Mapping”

 Host: Dr. Kevin Schug
* Sponsored by Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc.

November 13
Professor Squire Booker
 Department of Chemistry
Pennsylvania State University
“A Tale of Two Substrates: Characterization of a Dual Specificity RNA Methylase”

 Host: Dr. Kayunta Johnson-Winters

November 20
Professor  Ishan Barman
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Johns Hopkins University

"Incorporating Plasmon-Enhanced Spectroscopy in Cancer Theranostic Platforms"

Host: Dr. Sandy Dasgupta

November 27

              No Seminar-Thanksgiving Holiday                        

Fall 2013

August 30
Professor Michael Fitzgerald
Department of Chemistry
Duke University
"New Methods and Applications for Protein Folding Free Energy Measurements"
Host: Dr. Saiful Chowdhury
September 6
Professor A.R. Ravishankara
Director, Chemical Sciences Division
Earth System Research Laboratory
NOAA-Boulder, Colorado
"Keeping cool with HFCs: Science behind their present and future use"
Host: Dr. Sandy Dasgupta
September 13
Professor Bruce Palfey
Department of Biological Chemistry
University of Michigan Medical School
"Old and New Mechanisms in Old and New Jobs - Flavin Enzymology Never Gets Boring"
Host: Dr. Kayunta Johnson-Winters
September 20
Professor Mike DeGrandpre
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry University of Montana
"Carbon cycle research in aquatic ecosystems: putting chemical analyzers under water"
Host: Dr. Sandy Dasgupta
September 27
Professor Frank Foss
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
The University of Texas at Arlington
“Bioinspired Aerobic Organocatalytic Oxidations and the Molecular Investigation of Bacterial Targets”
Host: Dr. Carl Lovely
October 4
Professor Brad Pierce
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
The University of Texas at Arlington
“Beyond the first coordination sphere in non-heme iron enzymes: how outer-sphere interactions influence O2-activation, substrate-specificity, and coupling efficiency”
Host: Dr. Fred MacDonnell
October 11
Dr. Barbara Mahler
U.S. Geological Survey
Texas Water Science Center
”From Barton Springs to North America:  Unraveling the mystery of PAH contamination and the link to coal-tar-based pavement sealant”
Host: Dr. Thomas Strom
October 18
Professor Rich Eisenberg
Department of Chemistry
University of Rochester
"Fuel from Water: The Light-Driven Generation of Hydrogen"
Host: Dr. Rasika Dias
October 25
Professor Petr Bednář
Department of Analytical Chemistry
Palacký University, Olomouc, Czech Republic
"Ion mobility and advanced data treatment in mass spectrometric analysis of natural compounds"
Host: Dr. Kevin Schug
November 1
Professor Nigel Richards
Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Purdue University
“Oxalate Decarboxylase: An Enigmatic Enzyme”
Host: Dr. Kayunta Johnson-Winters
November 8
Professor Jiong Yang
Department of Chemistry
Texas A&M University
"Synthetic studies of bioactive natural products"
Host: Dr. Junha Jeon
November 15
Professor Luis Echegoyen
Department of Chemistry
University of Texas at El Paso
“Buckyball Maracas: the Inside (and Outside) Story of Endohedral Fullerenes”
Host: Dr. Alejandro Bugarin

November 22
Professor Joseph Emerson
Department of Chemistry
Mississippi State University
"Exploring the metal ion affinity and selectivity in proteins."
Host: Dr. Brad Pierce
November 29    Thanksgiving Holiday
Spring 2013
January 25
Professor Jeremy Smith
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
New Mexico State University
“Tailoring ligand design for synthesis and catalysis”
Host: Dr. Rasika Dias
February 1
Professor Frank D. Blum
Department of Chemistry
Oklahoma State University
 “Dynamics of Polymers at Interfaces”
Host: Dr. Thomas E. Strom
February 8
Professor Walter Fast
College of Pharmacy
University of Texas-Austin
“Halopyridines as novel covalent inhibitors: Inactivation of Dimethylargininase and Beyond”
Host: Dr. Kayunta Johnson-Winters
February 15
Professor Gerardine G. Botte
Center for Electrochemical Engineering Research
Ohio University
“Electrochemical Technologies for the Production of Hydrogen from Alternative Sources”
Host: Dr. Krishnan Rajeshwar 
February 22
Professor Phillip Crews
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
University of California-Santa Cruz
“Discovery of Biomedically Important Marine Natural Products: Some Effective Paradigms, Lessons Learned, and Significant Outcomes”
Host: Dr. Carl Lovely
March 1
Professor Jay C. Groppe
Department of Biomedical Sciences
Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry
“Regulation of biomineralization by disparate Ser/Thr kinases: secreted phosphoproteins and BMP signal transduction”
Host: Dr. Frank Foss
March 8
Professor Catherine F. Clarke
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
University of California-Los Angeles
“Biosynthesis and function of coenzyme Q: Many paths to Q in yeast, human and E. coli cells”
Host: Dr. Kayunta Johnson-Winters
March 15    Spring Break
March 22
Professor Graeme Henkelman
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
University of Texas-Austin
"Correlating structure and function for nanoparticle catalysts”
Host: Dr. Peter Kroll 
March 29    No Seminar
April 5
Professor Brian Zoltowski
Department of Chemistry
Southern Methodist University
“Tuning of Reaction Mechanisms in Circadian Clock Photoreceptors”
Host: Dr. Roshan Perera
April 12
Graduate Student Research Award Final
April 18
(Thursday,  3:30 PM) Professor Silas Cook
Department of Chemistry
Indiana University-Bloomington
“The Search for Efficiency in Synthesis”
Host: Dr. Frank Foss
April 19
Professor Joseph A. Loo
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
University of California-Los Angeles
“Applying Native Mass Spectrometry for Defining Protein Interactions Important in Biology and Medicine”
Host: Dr. Saiful Chowdhury
April 26
Dr. Csaba Janáky
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
University of Texas at Arlington
“Hybrid assemblies based on inorganic nanoarchitectures - from fundamental concepts to energy applications”
Host: UTA Chemistry & Biochemistry Department
May 3
Professor Dianqing Sun
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
University of Hawaii
“Natural products-inspired novel antibacterial agents”
Host: Dr. Frank Foss

Fall 2012

August 31
Professor Eric V. Anslyn
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Texas at Austin

“Supramolecular analytical chemistry”
Hosts:  Dr. Frank Foss
September 7
Professor Kayla GreenDepartment of Chemistry, Texas Christian University

“Therapeutic/protective capabilities of antioxidant heterocyclic chelators toward amyloid related disease”
Hosts:  Dr. Frank Foss
September 14
Dr. Bruce Noll and Dr. Dan Frankel
Bruker AXS

“Modern X-ray crystallography”
Hosts:  Dr. Rasika Dias
September 21
Professor Jerry Simecka
Department of Molecular Biology and Immunology, UNT Health Science Center

"The role of academia in drug discovery and preclinical testing: UNTHSC Preclinical Services as a model"
Hosts:  Dr. Jongyun Heo
September 28
Professor Stephen Spiro
Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, University of Texas at Dallas

“Bacterial responses to nitric oxide: regulatory networks and defense mechanisms”
Hosts:  Dr. Brad Pierce
October 12
Professor Eric Simanek
Department of Chemistry, Texas Christian University

"From bench to bedside: a progress report on triazine nanomedicines"
Hosts:  Dr. Frank Foss
October 19
Professor Brian Logue
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, South Dakota State University

“Chemical warfare: history, effects, and bioanalytical chemistry”
Hosts:  Dr. Sandy Dasgupta
October 26
Professor Robert D. Pike
Department of Chemistry, College of William & Mary

“Amine-sensing copper(I) salts: networks, luminescence, and device potential”
Hosts:  Dr. Kevin Schug
November 2
Professor Frank Osterloh
Department of Chemistry, University of California at Davis

“Inorganic nanostructures for enhanced photocatalytic water splitting ?!”
Hosts:  Dr. Krishnan Rajeshwar
November 9
Professor Joseph B. Lambert
Department of Chemistry, Trinity University

"Chemistry meets botany by way of archaeology:  NMR studies of amber and its precursors”
Hosts:  Dr. E. Thomas Strom
November 16
Professor Diana Mason
Department of Chemistry, University of North Texas

“Retention issues in general chemistry”
Hosts:  Dr. Kevin Schug
November 30
Professor Marcetta Darensbourg
Department of Chemistry, Texas A&M University

“Stalking the ‘rotated structure’ in nature’s organodiiron complex: biomimetics of the [FeFe]-hydrogenase active site”
Hosts:  Dr. Brad Pierce
December 7
Professor Bert Chandler
Department of Chemistry, Trinity University

"Understanding and tuning gold nanoparticle catalysts"
Hosts:  Dr. Brad Pierce
Fall 2009
August 28
Dr. Frances S. Ligler
U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

"Optical Biosensors and a Perspective on the Future"
Host:  Daniel Armstrong
September 4
Prof. James Simpkins
UNT Health Science Center

"Mitochondrial Mechanisms of Estrogen Neuroprotection"
Hosts:  Subhra Mandal/Kevin Schug
September 11
Prof. Guido Verbeck, IV
University of North Texas

"Nanomanipulation-Coupled to Nanospray Mass Spectrometry: 
A Novel Technique Leading to Single Organelle Analysis"
Host:  Kevin Schug
September 18
Prof. Jeffery White
Oklahoma State University

"A New Experimental Approach for Untangling Complex Mixing in Amorphous Macromolecules:Polyolefins as a General Model for Soft Matter"
Host:  Martin Pomerantz
September 25
Prof. Paul Pantano
University of Texas at Dallas

"Accurately Assessing the Potential Toxicity of Carbon Nanotubes and 
the Use of Carbon Nanotubes as Cancer Theranostic Agents"
Host:  Purnendu Dasgupta
October 2
Prof. David Birney
Texas Tech University

"Pseudopericyclic Reactions-Adventures on Potential Energy Surfaces"
Host:  Carl Lovely
October 9
Prof. Michael Palmer
University of Virginia

"Disciplinary thinking:  Studying the Ability of First-Year Chemistry Students to Think Scientifically"
Host:  Seiichiro Tanizaki
October 16
Prof. Martin Pomerantz
University of Texas at Arlington

"Studies of Polythiophenes and Bi- and Terthiophene Model Compounds"
Host:  Purnendu Dasgupta 
October 23
Prof. Michael Hendrich
Carnegie Mellon University

"Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) Detection of Intermediates 
in the Enzymatic Cycle of an Extradiol Dioxygenase"
Host:  Brad Pierce
October 30
Prof. Donald Kurtz
University of Texas at San Antonio

"How Microbes Detoxify Diatomic Oxygen and Nitrogen Species:  
The Non-Heme Iron Reductive Paradigm"
Host:  Brad Pierce 
November 6
Prof. Rosalie Uht
UNT Health Science Center

"Estrogen and Glucocorticoid Regulated Gene Expression Implications for the Stress Response"
Host:  Subhra Mandal
November 13
Prof. Andrew Bocarsly
Princeton University

"Electrochemical and Photoelectrochemical Conversion of Aqueous CO2 to Alcohols:  
Single Electron Redox Catalysis of a Multielectron Process"
Host:  Krishnan Rajeshwar
November 20
Prof. Xiaolian Gao
University of Houston

"Proteomic Peptide Chips-Highly Parallel Picoliter Protein Assays"
Host:  Tom Strom
November 27    Thanksgiving Break

December 4
Prof. Kevin Schug
University of Texas at Arlington

"Mass Spectrometry is a Versatile Research Tool"
Host:  Purnendu Dasgupta
Spring 2009
Prof. Vadim Soloshonok
The University of Oklahoma
“Self-Disproportionation of Enantiomers: A Manifesto”
Prof. John Dawson
University of South Carolina
“Mechanistic Studies of Oxidative Halophenol Dehalogenation by Heme-Containing Enzymes”
Prof. Zuzanna Siwy
University of California, Irvine
“Ion Transport Through Nanopores: From Living Cells to Diodes and Transistors”
Prof. Vy M. Dong
University of Toronto
“Mechanism-Inspired Strategies for Organic Synthesis”
Prof. Lucy Waskell
University of Michigan
“The Role of the Hinge Region of Cytochrome P450 Reductase in Intraflavin Electron Transfer”
Prof. Richard Cole
University of New Orleans
“Mass Spectrometry Approaches for Metabolomics and Proteomics”

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