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Who must complete the UT-Arlington Chemistry Pre-Course Assignment?

All students who enroll in CHEM 1441 must complete the ALEKS Chemistry Pre-Course Assignment by 11:59 pm on January 26, 2015. Students should purchase and complete the ALEKS Chemistry initial assessment at least five (5) weeks before the semester begins, to allow ample time to earn the highest grade possible.

-     Students new to UT-Arlington, regardless of major.

-     Continuing students at UT-Arlington, regardless of major.

How can I get the extra credits?

If you improve your score to 100% by 11:59 pm on January 19, 2015, then you will get extra credit for this course: 2 points will be added directly to the overall course average (not just the homework grade). 

What if I could NOT improve my score on ALEKS to better than 85%?

We recommend that you enroll in CHEM 1300 before diving into CHEM 1441CHEM 1300 is designed for students who come to UT-Arlington with a weak chemistry background and want to prepare themselves before diving into CHEM 1441.  It is also designed for those who took high school chemistry a long time ago and need to brush up their chemistry skills.  It can benefit students who have not been to school for a while and need to learn study skills expected for CHEM 1441.  For those students, the objective of CHEM 1300 is to prepare them to be able to succeed in CHEM 1441 and subsequently in CHEM 1442.  This three-credit hour course consists only of lectures and does not have a lab component.

Why must I take the UT-Arlington Chemistry Pre-Course Assignment?

The ALEKS UT-Arlington Chemistry Pre-Course Assignment is an effective tool to assess your readiness to take chemistry courses at UT-Arlington.

In addition, the ALEKS UT-Arlington Chemistry Pre-Course Assignment allows students to enter CHEM 1441 with a strong knowledge base, regardless of how long it has been since the student’s last chemistry course.

How much does it cost?

Because the ALEKS package includes the E-textbook, you do not have to buy a separate textbook.

If you purchased “360 Day Pass” in the fall 2014 semester, then you do not need to purchase the access this semester. 

Otherwise, you have two options. 

1) (360 Day Pass) The $110 UT-Arlington Chemistry Package. If you are planning to take BOTH CHEM 1441 and 1442, this option is more cost-effective.   This is significantly less expensive than buying a hard copy of the textbook for both courses.

-     ALEKS Chemistry initial assessment

-     Two semesters in the ALEKS Learning Mode (You can continue to have the access when you take CHEM 1442.)

-     Access to the E-textbook for two semesters (You will continue to have the access to the textbook when you take CHEM 1442.)

2) (180 Day Pass) The $85 UT-Arlington Chemistry Package includes:

-     ALEKS Chemistry initial assessment

-     One semester in the ALEKS Learning Mode

-     Access to the E-textbook for one semester


What chemistry topics are on ALEKS Chemistry?

The assignment covers a variety of high school-level chemistry topics, each of which is considered prior knowledge by our instructors.


What is the ALEKS Chemistry access procedure?

The assignment is to be completed via Internet connection at a place and time that is convenient for you. To access the ALEKS Pre-Course Assignment, you will need:

-     The Course ID which should be included in the email sent to your UTA email account.

-     A computer with a web browser and Internet connection. Supported browsers are:   

      Windows XP+: Firefox 10+, Chrome, Explorer 8+

      Macintosh OS 10.7+: Firefox 10+, Chrome, Safari 4+

      Chromebook Chrome OS: Chrome

How do I get technical support for ALEKS?

For ALEKS customer support please phone or email:

Phone: (714) 619-7090

Contact us at:


What if I already have credit for chemistry through AP, IB, or CLEP exams?

All students enrolled in CHEM 1441/1442 at UT-Arlington must take ALEKS Chemistry, regardless of whether they have AP/IB credit.  This is for the student’s benefit as it will allow him/her to see whether there are any areas s/he might want to consider reviewing before the semester begins.


Is ALEKS a timed test?

No.  No part of ALEKS is timed.  If you are ever tired or rushed, even during an assessment, simply log out.  ALEKS will remember exactly where you were and pick up from that point when you log in again.  There is never a penalty in ALEKS for taking as much time as you need to get a problem right.

In fact, you will do best in ALEKS if you work slowly, methodically, and in frequent but modest-length sessions.  Take your time working each ALEKS problem, and double-check your answers before submitting them.  A wrong answer makes ALEKS assign you more practice, even if you just made a careless mistake because you were tired.

Read ALEKS Explanations carefully and thoroughly, and think about them a bit before trying the next problem.  ALEKS problems are designed to train you to excel on college exams, so they will often require more thought than a simple high-school homework problem.

Try to log in to ALEKS every day, at a time when you are rested and undistracted.  Try not to work more than 60-90 minutes at a time. Your brain needs rest breaks between studying to consolidate memory and make mastery permanent.  Of course, this means you'll need to plan your time well -- but that's a skill you'll find necessary throughout college and your career.

Where does my ALEKS Chemistry score appear? 

Your score can be viewed by re-entering ALEKS Chemistry using the same access link for which you took the assessment.  Click “GRADEBOOK” on top of the screen.  If you do not see anything, that means your score is currently 0.

How is my score used?

The pre-course assignment score includes assessments plus the learning mode within ALEKS Chemistry.  Your pre-course assignment score will count as a homework grade in the course.


How long is my pre-course assignment score valid?

The score is valid for one semester. After that, the score expires and the pre-course assignment must be retaken.


How does ALEKS Chemistry work?

ALEKS Chemistry has two primary “modes”: Assessment Mode and Learning Mode.

-     Upon first signing in, you engage the Assessment mode. This is the initial exam that determines how much you already know and remember about chemistry. The better you do, the harder it gets (and the higher your end score).

-     The Learning Mode is activated after you take the initial assessment. It includes practice problems and tutorials. In learning mode you will see a “pie” with clickable links. When you select a topic to study, you will be given a practice problem. Answering problems correctly raises your ALEKS Chemistry score. Answering a problem incorrectly reveals the answer with a step-by-step solution to the problem and may temporarily lower your score until you get a similar question correct. Working in Learning Mode is another way to improve your score to 100%.

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