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Congratulations on finishing the initial ALEKS Chemistry assessment. The initial assessment score is NOT your pre-course assignment score. The next step is to keep going: now ALEKS becomes a personal tutor powered by an artificial intelligence engine that gives you practice problems and tutorials specific to your needs. ALEKS knows your weak areas and provides you ways to strengthen them.  By completing all topics presented in ALEKS Learning Mode, you should be able to improve your score to 100.  The due date of the Pre-Course Assignment is 11:59 pm on January 26, 2015. If your final pre-course assignment score is 100 by 11:59 pm on January 19, 2015, you will receive extra credits (2 points will be added to your overall course average automatically).


Review as many topics as deeply as possible before the semester begins, especially stoichiometry. There will be enough new information during the semester without having to review the basics!

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