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Chemiluminescence: Optimization of a Chemical Reaction

What I was most happy about in this video was the fact that she didn't tell the 
viewer what reaction was going to give them the best results. I like this because, 
if she had given away this answer then the viewer who is about to perform the lab 
will have the answer and then would learn nothing throughout the process of the lab. 
I also like the hint she gave of writing on paper what each beaker was instead of 
labelling straight on the beaker. After people do labs many times the beakers can get 
full with writing so you're not sure which one is yours and I had never thought of 
using paper in order to tell what is what. I also like that she showed the three kinds 
of reactions that you could see during this lab, but did not tell the viewer what was 
in these solutions, once again as to not give away the answer. While I liked how she 
performed the lab, the overall video seemed to lack a creative side, which could have 
made this video more interesting to watch. But overall it is an effective video and 
would help weaker students.
I would give this video four out of five stars. This video will give you a few hints 
on how to set up this experiment to do it correctly and shows you how to perform the 
lab. But that's all it does, there is no extra fun in the video. This is why I would 
give this video four stars.

I found this video to be very helpful. She explains the experiment, safety, 
information to record in your lab notebook etc. She covers all aspects of the lab in 
the video so the student doesn't forget any parts of it. It was not boring, a bit 
funny and interesting to watch. I understand the lab very well and the editing was 
adequate as well.
I would rate this video a 7. It had good timing, she explains the information slowly 
and detailed and I was able to understand it well. I would definitely recommend this 
video to other students. 

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