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Experimental Calculation of the Ideal Gas Law Constant

This is one of the longest videos out of the videos I've seen. But since most of 
the video is him explaining not only the steps but also why you are performing the 
steps the length is okay. I have seen two other videos covering this lab and watching 
this video I have gotten the most detail on how to perform this lab then the other two. 
He says why you have to be so exact on your measurements and why you need to be careful 
on each step. He goes a step further by telling the viewer what will actually happen 
if they do not follow the correct procedure, for example he said if you weigh to much 
magnesium then you'll produce too much gas and not get an accurate reading, something 
that is very useful for a student to know. He clearly shows how this lab works and what 
to do once you've actually completed the lab. Since there was so much detail this video 
would definitely be a great help to weaker students who are about to perform this lab.             
I would give this video five out of five stars. Yes, I know when you first look at this 
video you're thinking no way that is forever long! But trust me it's worth it you will learn 
more from this video about this lab than any of the others. This is why I would give this 
video five stars.
- L.

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