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Drawing a Lewis Dot Diagram with an Expanded Octet

The explanation of the material in this video was not very effective; the concepts 
of Lewis dot structures and expanded octets were explained but not thoroughly or 
clearly. The student begins by stating the exceptions to the octet rule with no 
explanation of what the octet rule means or what the significance of these exceptions 
are. He then shows Lewis dot structures of examples of exceptions to the octet rule 
without demonstrating how he obtained these Lewis Dot structures, he does explain why 
they are exceptions by stating that these example molecules contain more electrons than 
they normally would but he does not explain how to tell how many electrons there are in 
a Lewis dot structure. The student assumed that viewers would have prior knowledge of 
these concepts and therefore makes minimal effort to demonstrate how he reached the 
conclusions he made in the video. The material could have been presented in a more 
interesting way than reading the text verbatim from the slides he created. It was also
very short. The transitions in the video were professional. If more illustrations and 
further verbal explanation were used in place of the text this video could have been 
more effective. 
2 stars: If you are struggling with this material, this video will not assist you in 
understanding it. The video is more of a review of exceptions to the octet rule and 
their Lewis dot structures an explanation to it. Concepts and terms were not fully 
explained and were overly simplified. There was no introduction, the student just 
jump straight into the complex material assuming you already understand this information. 
Overall, not very helpful. 

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