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Limiting Reacants

First of all, I would like to point out the error in the title of this video, 
"Limiting Reacants", I wish this student had double checked the title before 
posting this video, as it may cause difficulty in finding this tutorial. I really 
liked the real life examples she began with to explain limiting reactants, however 
she was simply reading the words on the screen which I did not find very helpful. 
Extremely large paragraphs, made it look very overwhelming. She is also talking at 
a faster pace then what I would prefer.  In my personal experience I like when 
tutors speak slowing so I can follow and keep up. When she was explaining the 
midterm questions, she slows down and explains the questions in a systematic detailed 
way, which I liked. I did not like the music at the end, I wish she spend more time 
explaining and the font size of the words on the screen were extremely small, I had 
to squint my eyes in order to read what it said. 
I would give this video a rating of 6. Although it was not as helpful to me because 
she was speaking fast and it was difficult to follow, other students might find this 
helpful because of the examples she provided. I would give this an excellent rating 
for creativity! I would have liked to hear her explain more and read less, but overall 
an above average video. I would recommend this to a weak student who is struggling with 
LR concept. 

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