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Rate of Effusion

This video has cool visuals, he actually works out the problem! But he talks a bit 
fast, a weak student struggling with this material would not be able to keep up with
his pace. When he is working out the problem, he does not read the question and jumps 
straight into solving the problem. I am not sure if it's difficult to write with the 
software he is using, but his handwriting is difficult to read... a lot of scratching 
things out. A lot of "um" and broken sentences, he should have practiced more what 
he was going to discuss, prior to the video for more flow in his explanation. 
I would give this a rating of 5. The explanation was good, accurate and detailed but 
it was a little too fast paced. The video got confusing when I couldn't understand 
what he wrote because he was rewriting things on top of each other instead of erasing.

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