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The first thing I noticed about this video was the attempt to be creative. In this 
video she shows thermochemistry through Starbucks coffee. She first gives the basis 
of what this topic is going to cover and then goes into more detail about what happens 
with energy in these reactions and talks about endothermic and exothermic reactions. She 
goes through a few examples of these which I find very helpful. I also like that she 
adds extra videos to show examples through coffee. I wish at points she didn't just read 
off the slides when giving the information. My favorite thing about this video is that 
she goes through example test problems. Usually people just talk about the concepts and 
ignore how to apply this to the test if there's no real math involved. So I like that 
she took a more concept based subject and showed students how to solve them. She talks 
clearly throughout the video and tells the viewer why each answer choice to her questions 
would be incorrect, which is good since it helps the viewer get a mind set of what they 
should be thinking while solving these kinds of problems during the test. Overall, I feel 
this was a well made video and that weaker students will get the help needed if they 
watch it.
I would give this video five out of five stars. This video talks about the core concepts 
of thermochemistry. It also talks about the differences between endothermic and exothermic 
chemical reactions. She then goes on to show you what you should be thinking when you come 
across these kinds of questions on the test. This is why I would give this video five stars.

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