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Determining the Empirical Formula of a Copper Oxide

My favorite part of this video was the fun transitions that she used to go from 
step to step in this lab. She also used the music with a fast forward effect to 
go through slower processes of this experiment which I also thought was clever. 
She clearly went through each step of this lab and explained each step very well. 
The point of this lab is to find the empirical formula, which could be very 
difficult for a weaker student, because of this I feel like it would have been 
very helpful if she had gone through a few steps on how to do the post lab. She 
did give hints on how to speed up the process of this lab, like perform both runs 
at the same time and make sure you drain out as much water out of your solution 
as you can which I feel will definitely help any viewer of this video that is 
trying to prepare for lab. But overall I feel as though this video is effective 
and would help weaker students with this lab.
I would give this video four out of five stars. In this video she goes through 
the lab with you and gives you helpful hints on how to perform this lab. However, 
if you are stuck on the postlab this video will not be of much help. That is why 
I would give this video four stars.

Christina began the lab well with safety measures and explained what the whole video 
will be about. She talked about ways to get the most accurate results because this lab 
deals with quantity. Since it's a video demonstrating a lab, it is interactive. Good 
combination of sound and text in video. Lab procedures are done accordingly, but have 
an unnecessary long explanation of why one should label their watch glass. Towards the 
last two minutes, she only talks which makes it less interactive.
Rating (2.5 star): The video was good overall, and can be helpful to students doing 
this lab. However, it would have helped if it were more practical and involved.

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