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Hess's Law and Calorimetry

I feel as though this is a very effective video in teaching weaker students about Hess's 
Law. In this video he first explains in a simple way what Hess's law is stating. He then 
goes through two example problems of how to solve these type of questions. The first problem 
he does is a simple one with a target equation and the second problem he goes through a problem 
where one would first have to find the target equation and then go through the rest of the 
problem. When showing people how to work the problems he goes through a step by step process
and calmly works each part of the problem. It's because of this slow step by step explanation 
that I feel this video would be helpful for weaker students. Now on the creative side he is 
lacking a little. You can see at points that he is trying to add a little humor but not taking 
away from the entire point of the video. However, since the explanation of how to handle Hess's 
law is so good, I feel as though one can look over the lack of creativity. Also, the information
is this video is correct so overall this is an effective video that students could prosper from 
I would give this video five out of five stars. While it is not the most fun thing to watch on YouTube 
it would definitely help any student in need of a breakdown of Hess's law. He clearly goes through 
the steps of how to work to different type of Hess's law problems. This is why I would give this 
video five stars.

It is good that the video starts out with the proper safety gear needed, 
and it also tells you what to come prepared with before lab so as to make 
it easier on you when multitasking during the lab. She also uses proper 
technique which is good for those beginners to learn. I think this will 
greatly help chemistry students who have problems with this type of lab, 
mainly because it shows you how to account for a lot of human error, 
and how not to have a loss of mass in your experiment. I would rate 
this with 4.5 stars. The reason for this is because she had good, 
necessary material, explained the steps properly and thoroughly, and 
made sure the experiment had as little error as possible. The only thing 
that could have been done better is to make it more creative.
- B.

The creativeness of this video comes from not only do you see slides but you also see 
the guy that is giving the information. This could be helpful for students that need 
to look at the person when they are explaining a topic, which I thought was cool. 
Another thing that I liked was that he added the fact that to do these problems the 
chemical or element in its most stable form, which is one thing that students usually 
forget. After giving concepts he goes through problems, which is another part where 
students have trouble with so this could be very helpful. One thing I would suggest 
fixing is how many times the word um is used in this video. It can take away from the 
overall quality. I would also suggest actually working out the problem during the video 
instead of just showing it on slides. Seeing it step by step I feel would help a weaker 
student more so that they can see exactly where they are messing up. But overall I do 
feel as though this video would help students with Hess's law and problems associated 
with it.
I would give this video four out of five stars. While all the information is correct 
and he does go through the concepts I feel as though the video is a little rushed. 
However, he does work out a test problem so just seeing that would be worth watching 
the video. Since this video is helpful but still rushed, I would give it four stars.

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