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Molecular Shapes By Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion (VSEPR) Theory

The student seems enthusiastic about the tutorial. He adds some humor to the video, 
which does not detract from the actual message. He thoroughly explains the use of 
each part of the model. This video will be very helpful to students new to chemistry. 
He explains concepts that help with the VSEPR theory such as formal charge, geometry 
of shapes and how to build models to easily see the geometry and angles. It is a pretty 
long video, almost 11 minutes long. It is very interactive and he takes time to explain 
every single shape up to the octahedral shape. He explains how the VSEPR theory can be 
used in common test questions and will be a very useful video for new Chemistry students.
Rating (4 star): This video is interactive and will be relevant to general Chemistry 
students needing help with the VSEPR theory.

The quality of this video was not good. It was very dark and he was not 
looking into the camera while speaking. His voice becomes quiet as the 
video progresses and the video becomes very boring. I lost interest in 
watching this video very quickly. The math he was showing was upside 
down and you could not see what he was writing in the notebook. All the 
drawings were very small as well.
I would rate this video a 5. Personally, this lab is fairly easy so I 
do not think students need this tutorial. Moreover, it was not a good 
explanation and the quality of the video was bad such as the camera being 
upside down etc. the video also abruptly begins and ends. I felt very 
confused after watching this. I am not sure how helpful this video would be 
to other students as I found it boring and unhelpful. 
- J.

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