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Qualitative Analysis: Identifying Simple Salts from their Properties and Reactions

This video does a very effective job elucidating both the lab procedure and the post-lab 
for Lab 505. It began with a concise but clear explanation of the goal of the lab and the 
background information of solubility rules that you are required to understand to be able 
to correctly execute this lab. After this introduction, the student broke down the procedure 
into broad steps, but did overly explain each detail of the procedure. Along the way, the 
student pointed out helpful tips and ways to avoid incurring error as you proceed through 
the lab. The presentation of the video was very creative and entertaining; the transitions 
were professional and the use of pictures further strengthened the visual aid. By providing 
very clear visual examples of what to do and what to avoid, this video is a helpful preview 
to watch when preparing for lab in order to know what to expect and yield the best possible 
5 stars: This video provides a clear and concise overview of background information you need 
to know to be able to do this lab as well as a run-through of the procedure and brief example 
on how to do the post lab. It includes helpful tips that will help you attain the best possible 
results while minimizing error. This video is a good preview to watch before you go into lab as 
it will prepare you for what to expect and what to avoid during the lab procedure. 
- S. 

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