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Separation of a Three Component Mixture

The students had an excellent way of explaining the lab. However, the video was filmed 
too far to get a clear idea of what exactly the students were doing. I thought it was 
great how the student made sure to note in the video what the students should be aware 
of and study before entering the lab. If a student was struggling in chemistry watched 
this video prior to lab, I feel that they would have a great advantage, but at the same 
time they may need to watch it a couple of times to fully understand the lab, because 
the student does tend to stumble on words and speak quite fast. The video also lacked 
"flavor". I think it would have been more effective if she was a bit more colorful and 
Overall, I feel the student had a decent video. Improvements were needed in her tone of
voice and speed. Additionally, it would have been better if she angled the camera to get
a better view of each step. This lab deserved a score of 3. 
- N. 

The audio at the beginning of the lab is captivating and would appeal to chemistry 
students. However, there should have been some kind of talking in the video. It was 
all demonstrations with music to go along with it. I don't think it would help students 
as much because it is not interactive. It is a creative video though and very different 
from the previous ones, but it's not worth it if students won't pay much attention to 
the actual lab procedure. The content is accurate though.
Rating (3 star): This video is creative but needs some kind of speech to carry students 
along. The audio is captivating at first, but too much of it in the entire video detracts 
from the lab procedure.

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