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Spectrophotometric Determination of Purity and Concentration

This video I feel could help weaker students on this lab. It not only goes through the lab 
step by step but also covers a few topics on the prelab, which one could find very helpful. 
In this video the information is given clearly and slowly so that the viewer can easily catch 
every word needed. He also clearly shows how to do each step in the lab so that the viewer 
can be aware of what to be looking out for while they perform this lab in their actual lab period. 
He also mentioned why you need to auto zero the machine before using it which I feel would help 
students understand why it is a necessary step that should not be taken lightly. He also shows
how to interpret the information given for the machine and shows you how to over lay the needed 
graphs for this experiment. So overall I feel this video is very effective in giving the 
information needed. However when it comes to creativity I feel this video is lacking, 
everything in the video is straight forward like he read straight from the lab manual, 
it didn't seem like he put much thought into how to make the video interesting and exciting 
to watch. But besides this the video is useful and the content accurate for the solution he used.
I would give this video four out of five stars. All the information given in this video is helpful 
and there are a few helpful hints given. He clearly states how to do the lab and the prelab for 
this experiment. But the video is a little dull. This is why I would give this video four stars.
- L.

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