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Synthesis of Tris-1,10-phen iron(II) chloride

In this video they forget to tell the chemistry students watching this about the 
dangers of this experiment, and the proper lab safety equipment that must be worn. 
He does not tell them that the point of heating the mixed solution of HCl and 
other contents in the fume hood is because the fumes produced are very toxic. 
It would have been a plus if he had told the students what they will need to 
prepare for the lab and how to set up the needed equipment. He does show proper 
technique, and goes over how not to lose your product or get impurities. It also 
includes how to properly dispose of your waste from this lab. I would rate this 
with 3.5 stars. The reason for this is because the video could have been more detailed, 
and also missed important safety information. Other than that, it was a well 
put together video.
- B.

I was really disappointed in this video. It was hard to watch, because the sound quality 
was so bad. The student seemed to be performing the lab well, but I honestly could not 
judge it well, because I was too distracted by the annoying sound quality.  The video 
also lacked creativity. I feel that if a student would not benefit from this video at all.
Overall, this was definitely the worst video on here. It was hard to watch and even harder 
to understand exactly what he was saying and what was going on. This video deserved a 
score of 1. 

Synthesis of Tris-1,10-phen iron(II) chloride Post Lab

This video doesn't actually cover a lab but a post lab which I think by just doing 
that is very helpful. I have found through my two semesters of doing chemistry labs that 
the post lab can be the most challenging part since sometimes you just have no clue 
what you are doing. And if I were doing this lab for the first time and didn't know 
how to do anything on the post lab I would definitely be very thankful for this video 
since it is very helpful. She clearly goes through each calculation of this lab in 
steps that are easy to follow and understand. Also she does it in a fun and creative 
way by using the white board with all of her calculations and playing it in fast 
forward so that she could go back and talk about each step while it is being shown. 
I think that might be the most helpful thing about this video. Second most helpful 
thing would be that it shows how to do the sig figs in each calculation. So overall 
this video would be helpful to weaker students, is creative, and has accurate content.
I would give this video five out of five stars. This video is very helpful to anyone 
that is doing the post lab of lab 508. She clearly goes through each calculation and 
explains what she is doing so that the viewer can easily go back and do these 
calculations on their own when needed. This is why I would give this video five stars.

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