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The Ideal Gas Law and Gas Constant

This was a good video like the previous one these individuals collaborated on. All 
the information was accurately explained and I like how they kept mentioning things 
a student should not forget to collect while doing the experiment. They also showed 
the proper technique used in this experiment. All the safety, and other misc. 
information was mentioned at the beginning of the lab. This video was not boring but 
I wish it was a bit shorter but I can understand that they wanted to cover all 
important aspects of the lab in the video. I enjoyed watching this video as would 
recommend this video to other general chemistry students.
I rate this video a 9. It was well done, all the editing, sound, visuals and especially 
the procedure and explanation of the experiment was very well explained. Again, the 
group collaborating makes it more fun to watch and less boring. I wish the video was a 
bit shorter but overall a very good and presentable lab tutorial. 

In this video, the person doing the lab has good transitions and creativity, yet 
some of the transitions, what they are doing will likely just confuse them more. 
It is good that they such as when they break to tell the chemistry students to use 
aprons, goggles, and safety glasses are misplaced. It should be at the beginning 
of the video, not in the middle. It is also good to tell the students what materials 
they should have prepared before they do this lab, which this video does not. For 
those students who are struggling with this lab, the lack of the video not giving step 
by step instructions, and not explaining showed how to properly dispose of waste. 
I would rate this with 2.5 stars. The reason for this is because they could have been 
more detailed in what they were doing, and helping the viewer understand it step by 
step explanations. Also, I would have like to have seen some help with the actual 
ideal gas formula.

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