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Behavior of Strong and Weak Acids Upon Titration

• Overall this was a good video. In this video she goes through how to look at equations 
you will need to know for this lab and also common ways to see these equations. She 
also talks about how to initially set up your experiment and what safeties wear to 
have. I do wish she more thoroughly went through the set up of the burette but since 
it was clearly shown this can be overlooked. She then proceeds to go through lab step 
by step giving hints on how to get the best possible data. Like making sure your stir 
bar is in the middle of your flask and set to the lowest setting and also that you are 
very careful to not turn on the heat which would definitely ruin your experiment. 
She also tells you to make sure that you take the volume measurements up to the hundredth 
place, which is also something students also forget to do. While it is not the most 
creative video the information given is good enough to overlook this fact. I also think 
that this video would definitely be helpful for weaker students.
I would give this video five out of five stars. This video will give you helpful hints
on how to get the best results possible for this lab and shows you what you're graph 
should look like at the end. This is why I would give this video five stars.
• Very effective video that goes through basic calculations, safety, and basic lab 
instructions. The video also includes how to use the different probes, set-up of the 
experiment, and also how to read the data for the post-lab.  The negative aspect 
of the video is awkward audio transitions. The video will definitely assist students 
since she goes over the math and gives many tips on how to do the lab. The video 
is somewhat creative and enjoyable to watch. Content is accurate. 
Rating: 5/5 (★★★★★)
An effective video which goes over calculations, set-up, safety, and instructions and 
also includes hints in doing the lab. Weird sound transitions but overall very helpful. 

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