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Buffer Solution Behavior

• This video was very straight forward. There was no extra information given other 
than what was already stated in the lab manual. The only extra thing that it seemed 
like he did in this video was show how to use two kinds of pH meters. There are many 
different solutions you have to make in this lab and you have to be careful that 
you are using the right measurements for each solution. If he had said this or told 
the viewer to be very careful when they mix their solutions to ensure the procedure 
was being followed correctly then this video would have been better. Also from having 
previously done this lab I know the hardest part is the post lab problems. So if he 
had shown some example problems in the post lab it definitely would have helped a 
weaker student better. Overall I was not very impressed with this video and felt 
like he could have done a better job on it.
I would give this video three out of four stars. This video barely even covers what is 
going to happen in this lab. Also there is no mention of what might help you in the 
post lab. This is why I would give this video three stars.
• Somewhat effective video since it discusses the basics like the lab objective 
and goes over how to use the pH probe. Additionally, some of the calculations 
for the lab were reviewed. However, the video didn’t help much with the lab 
procedures. The video does assist with the general idea of how to carry out 
the lab, and the content is accurate. Not very creative or enjoyable to watch. 
Rating: 2/5 (★★☆☆☆)
Straightforward and shows how to use equipment. However, video is not very 
enjoyable to watch and doesn’t go over the lab procedure well. 

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