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Chemical Kinetics: Determining the Rate Law for a Chemical Reaction

• In this video they start out with showing the chemistry students how to get your 
samples of solutions. Yet, for those students having trouble with this lab, it 
would be more beneficial for them if the instructor had started off by giving
the necessary materials needed in preparation for this lab, and also what each
of our solutions are. She does not note that the "machine" is a 
spectrophotometer, which would be useful to know. Although, she does show the 
chemistry students how to properly use the spectrophotometer, and is very 
detailed about what results you should expect to see from that. She also 
displays proper disposal of waste and tells the chemistry student how to 
do the math that is required for the lab report.
I would rate this with 3.5 stars. The reason for this is because she does give 
good detail about how to use the spectrophotometer, but forgets to demonstrate
proper lab gear. It would have also been better if she would have gone over 
how to properly mix your solutions, and show the student how to do the math 
instead of just telling them. 
- B.
• The video was very effective in teaching how to use the spectrometer. However, 
proper lab gear was generally ignored and the video rushed into the procedure 
too quickly, not going over the materials, general outline of the lab, nor safety. 
The video does assist weaker students, especially since the math for the post-lab 
was discussed. Content is accurate. Not very creative but enjoyable to watch.
Rating: 2/5 (★★☆☆☆)
Proper lab gear, materials, and safety not mentioned. Very in-depth discussion 
on use of spectrometer and calculations for post-lab. 

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