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Colorimetric Determination of the Equilibrium constant for the Formation of a Complex Ion

• The thing I like most about this video was that he was showing you how to do the lab 
while explaining it, and also showing key points of the lab with words on the bottom 
of the screen. This is good because this way the viewer recognizes that the thing at 
the bottom of the screen is very important and should be remembered when performing 
the lab. He also gives good hints about how to properly clean your materials and 
organize them in a way that ensures you don't accidently contaminate them by mixing 
the wrong solutions together. Another hint I like that he gives is how to properly 
handle the cuvette because regardless how many times you talk about it people still 
have trouble remembering how to properly use and rinse those out. The ending was also 
fun and is a good way to give the viewer a laugh at the end of the video. Overall I do 
feel as though this video could easily help weaker students on this lab, and will also 
help with making sure not to mix up solutions during the lab.
I would give this video five out of five stars. This is a very helpful video to anyone 
about to perform this lab. It gives good hints on how to make sure to not mess up your 
experiment with easy mistakes which is something all lab students should be worried 
about. This is why I would give this video five stars.
• Extremely effective video, discusses basic lab procedures and many additional tips 
included for how to decrease systematic error and easier, more organized ways to 
conduct the lab. Only negative is that the video was content and information heavy, 
so written short captions and better sound quality would be helpful. The video greatly 
assists weaker students with the material and the content was accurate. Creative and
 enjoyable to watch. 
Rating: 5/5 (★★★★★)
Extremely recommend it, gives many useful tips on decreasing systematic error and 
even shows how to clean the cuvettes. A bit information heavy but everything is helpful. 

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