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Behavior of Strong and Weak Acids upon Titration

This video does a very good job of doing the lab and explaining what is happening 
step by step. He talked about how to make sure you first wash through your burette
to make sure that your experiment isn't contaminated and he talked about how you 
need to be careful with the pH meter because replacing the bulb can get expensive. 
He dried off the pH meter with a paper towel instead of a kimwipe like is says 
in the lab but this is a minor detail compared to the rest of the experiment. 
One thing I would have liked more is if he had stressed trying to reach the 
equivalence pH value, since this is the whole reason of doing this lab. 
And then after you reach this value you start with one milliliter added of 
NaOH then go up to two in order to in sure you get a good curve. But, I do feel 
this was overall a good video and can help weaker students with this lab.             
I would give this video four out of five stars. He does do the lab correctly 
but makes a few tiny errors in his explanation. That is why I would give 
this video four stars.
- L.

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