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Enthalpy and Entropy of a Reaction

• This tutorial had good explanation and visuals of the experiment, however the sound 
quality was bad and I could not hear the individual well. He was also murmuring a bit, 
I would have liked if he was louder but overall not too bad. He mentioned possible 
errors which was a good point. The video was blurry, so I couldn't see very well. 
Waste disposal mentioned, and editing was good. 
I would recommend this is video to other weak students. I give this a rating of 5 
because I couldn't hear properly what he was saying, but what he said were good points 
and he showed what we should expect (blue, yellow colors) from our experiments. All the 
information mentioned were accurate. It was a bit boring but certainly not a bad tutorial. 
• Effective video that goes through the basic lab procedure and includes tips on 
performing the experiment. Extremely bad audio quality, difficulties hearing the 
individual, and sometimes blurry visuals. The video does assist students since 
most of the lab procedure is shown. Video is not very creative and mostly boring 
but very informative. Content is accurate. 
Rating: 3/5 (★★★☆☆)
Very good information and shows how to do most of the lab procedures. However, 
not very fun to watch and sound quality is bad. 

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