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Freezing Point Depression in tert-Butyl Alcohol

• This video covers a lab I have also previously done. Overall I feel like this video
succeeded in its goal of informing the watcher the do's and don'ts of this lab and 
what to watch out for during the testing. The addressed key safety tips like hair and 
shoes, and also covered why you should careful dry off your bottle of tert-Butyl 
Alcohol so that you don't contaminate your experiment. They covered important 
cleaning measures to take and why to be careful when stirring your solution. 
So overall I think this video is effective and does its job of helping weaker 
students understand the procedure of the lab. 
However, things they could have improved on was saying why the substances cool 
and freeze so easily, or how this experiment helps with determining the freezing 
point of solutions. Information like this could easily help a student with their 
post lab. The creativeness of the video was average, they added a few jokes but 
overall kept this video to the point, which is good except sometimes can make 
the video less enjoyable to watch. While there were a few minor things they could 
have fixed in this video overall they did make a successful video of this lab.
I would give this video four out of five stars. While this video is very informative 
on the procedures of the lab and certain dos and don'ts you need to know it doesn't 
cover the depth of the experiment. However this video is good if you want an overview
of what will be happening in your lab and how to avoid error during the lab. This is 
why this video would get a four. However I do recommend students watch before the lab,
because they do cover common mistakes made.
• The video was very effective since it helped narrow down the lab instructions and was
very straightforward and informative on how to do the lab. Another positive is that the
video included tips on how to proceed with the lab faster and common problems that
can be encountered. Negative aspects of the video are that it brushed over the other
two parts of the lab too quickly, and some transitions are messy. The video does assist
with helping weaker students understand some of the ambiguity in the lab instructions.
Creative and enjoyable to watch. Additionally, content is accurate.
Rating: 4/5 (★★★★☆)
A useful guide that provides tips to help speed up process of lab and how to solve
common problems. Very straightforward presentation of lab, downside is that it
briefs over the other two parts too quickly.


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