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Re-crystallization of Acetaminophen from Tylenol

In this video the instructor forgets to tell the chemistry student what safety gear to 
wear for the lab, although she does give good instruction. It is good that she goes over 
how to properly conduct vacuum filtration, and also how she cautions the chemistry 
students to be careful with the chemicals. She shows proper transfer method, and proper 
technique on retrieval of the reduced Tylenol. She also shows the student how to 
properly use the MeltTemp apparatus. She also helps the student understand what 
results they are looking for, and what it means. I would rate this with 4.5 stars. 
The reason for this is because she gives good instructions, shows proper technique, 
and is detailed in her experiment. The only thing that would have made it better is a 
safety brief and more creativity. 
- B.

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