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Redox Titration

• The student here begins well by explaining the purpose of the lab. She gives background 
information about redox reactions to help students who are so new to the topic. It is 
very interactive because she gives examples of redox reactions and even asks the audience 
questions which she explains later on. She films from a far place so we can't clearly see 
what she's doing in some parts of the lab. However, the content is accurate and the length 
of the video is appropriate. 
Rating (2.5 star): This video is not very professional but it does a good job of introducing 
the concept of the lab. It is also accurate and will be beneficial to students preparing for 
the redox titration lab.
• Effective video in explaining the objective of the lab and the basics of redox 
reactions, as well as the basic lab procedure and safety. Negatives of the video 
are weird sound quality and transitions, and the video was being filmed too far 
away to see the experiment. The video will assist students since she explains 
the chemistry behind the experiment and goes over most of the lab procedure. 
The video is somewhat creative but not very enjoyable since it’s hard to see 
anything. Content is accurate. 
Rating: 3/5 (★★★☆☆)
Very thorough in showing the lab procedure and background information about 
redox reactions. However, bad audio and visual quality and not very enjoyable 
to watch. 

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