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Synthesis of 'Green Crystals'

• This tutorial was short and simple. I like the quality of the video, in that it was clear and 
you could see the experiment she was conducting very properly. She also explained the lab very 
well and in enjoyed watching this tutorial. It was not very creative, but the experiment and 
lab information was accurate and informative and overall helps to understand the experiments 
better, therefore I believe this video is adequate. 
I would rate this video a 6. I liked this video but she doesn't actually conduct the experiment, 
merely explains it. However, the explanation was very helpful and the overall video was done well. 
I would recommend this video to other chemistry students as I found the information in this 
tutorial very helpful. 
- J.
• The video was effective in teaching the lab instructions and going through the 
first part of the lab. However, the second titration part of the lab was very briefly 
discussed and there were a few speech errors, which could lead to confusion.
The video does assist since it goes over how to do the first part of the lab and 
how the set up will generally look like. Additionally, most content is accurate 
with a few exceptions of speech errors. Not very creative but enjoyable to watch. 
Rating: 3/5 (★★★☆☆)
Good general show of basic lab instructions. Lacks information for titration part of the lab. 

• This video was pretty good at informing the viewer on how to do this lab. I have two 
main complaints. One she didn't start with her safety goggles on and two she did not 
show the titration step of the lab. Often titrating the solution can be the hardest 
part so giving the viewer tips on how to do a good titration I feel would have been 
very useful to not only the weaker students but all the students involved. Besides 
these two things the video was very good. She mentioned that you had to keep the resin 
moist which I was glad about because I remember doing this lab and that was the one 
thing most of the people forgot to do and it messed up the experiment. The video was 
pretty straight forward with no real creative thought put into it. However, I do still 
think that this video could help weaker students with this lab.
I would give this video four out of five stars. It shows you how to dissolve your crystals 
and use the resin well, but it skips the last half of the lab, titration. That is why I 
would give this video four stars.

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