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Dr. Christian Zlolniski, Director Christian Zlolniski, an associate professor of anthropology and an expert in international migration and economic globalization, has been named director of the Center for Mexican American Studies.
Dr. Zlolniski joined UT Arlington in 2001 and served as a research associate of the center for more than 10 years. Previously, he spent seven years as a researcher and social studies professor at El Colegio de la Frontera Norte in Tijuana, Mexico. He also served as a fellow researcher for two years in the University of California Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies.
“We are fortunate to have in Dr. Zlolniski an internationally renowned scholar, a respected teacher, and a valued mentor who unites his efforts in all of these roles on behalf of the wider community,” Beth Wright, dean of the College of Liberal Arts, says.
The center administers an 18-hour academic minor in Mexican American Studies and annually awards three scholarships: the Manuel Gamio Scholarship, the Brandenburg Scholarship for Mexican American Studies Minors, and the Brandenburg Scholarship in Latino Studies in the College of Liberal Arts.
Zlolniski succeeds Susan Gonzalez Baker, who will continue as a member of the sociology and anthropology faculty.


The Center for Mexican American Studies at The University of Texas at Arlington (CMAS) was founded in 1993 by a legislative mandate promoted by Mexican American members of the Texas Legislature and their supporters. CMAS is an academic unit in the College of Liberal Arts dedicated to advancing the study and understanding of Mexican American and other Latino populations in the United States. The Center’s mission is to accomplish the following three objectives.


  • Administer an 18-hour academic minor in Mexican American Studies and advise students interested in pursuing the minor.
  • Promote the recruitment, retention, and professional development of UTA faculty actively engaged in research focusing on Latino issues consistent with the CMAS mission.
  • Serve as a bridge between UTA and the Latino community in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex through various service activities.

Christian Zlolniski, Ph.D.

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