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Student Teacher Resources
Cooperating Teacher Resources
UTA Supervisor Resources

Student Teacher Resources
  1. All student teachers are required to have the Student Teacher and Cooperating Teacher Handbook (AY  2015-2016).

  2. The following programs have handbook supplements. If you are in one of the following programs, please download and review the handbook supplement applicable to your program:
  3. All students are required to review the Texas Education Agency's Code of Ethics.
Cooperating Teacher Resources

All Cooperating Teachers must complete UTA COED Cooperating Teacher Training every semester that they are a Cooperating Teacher, per TEA regulations. Please review the content in the PowerPoint below carefully and follow the directions on the last slide to record your training.
In addition, the Student Teacher handbook contains materials for Cooperating Teachers. Please check with your Student Teacher or their UTA Field Supervisor for additional information.

UTA Supervisor Resources

The following programs use the Department of Curriculum and Instruction Field Observation Form:

Secondary and All-Level Supervisors: please use the correct form for the student you are observing. If your student is not English, Social Studies, or Foreign Language, please use the "All Other Programs" Secondary Observation form.

PETE Supervisors: Please use the form below.

UTeach Observers: Please use the materials below.