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College of Education Undergraduate Bilingual Education Scholarships

Class Level: Undergraduate
Contact: Dr. Luis Rosado




Minimum Qualifications to Apply:

  1. A grade point average of 3.00 on a scale of 4
  2. Evidence of the minimum THEA Scores: Reading 270, Math 230, Writing 220
  3. Proficiency in Spanish and English—interview required
  4. Full-time students—12 hours or more per semester
  5. Complete Transcript showing an associate degree or equivalent
  6. Must qualify to receive federal financial funding

Application Procedure

The Center for Bilingual Education/ELS Education is taking applications for scholarships to prepare bilingual and ESL teachers. The program is to be funded by the UTA IPAT project. PURPOSE: To prepare junior/senior bilingual and ESL education teacher candidates.

Requirements: Candidates will required to donate a minimum of two hours a week to mentor high school students.  For additional Information, please contact Lidia Morris or Dr. Luis A. Rosado at

Instructions: download, print, and complete the application. The application requires additional materials and these are specified on the application. The address for submission is also included on the application.