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Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies


The Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies faculty and graduate students are what make us who we are. Their dedication, understanding, and commitment have helped the College of Education produce some of the country’s brightest scholars.

Doctoral Students

Throy Campbell is pursuing a PhD. in the K-16 Educational Leadership and Policy Studies program because he believes it will provide the research credentials and quality networking necessary to become a significant contributor to societal development. His family looks to him as a standard-setter, and he is motivated to be the example for his children. The University of Texas at Arlington provides this lifetime opportunity, and he is working hard to contribute to its high academic standards.

Jennifer Luken is an alumnus of UT Arlington, receiving both bachelor’s (’04) and master’s (’06) degrees from here. In addition, she is also a proud alumnus of the TRiO Upward Bound and Upward Bound Math & Science Programs. Jennifer’s entire career has been in the student service setting; she has worked for the Federal TRiO Programs for 10 years. Her training and background includes working with underprepared learners as mentor, adviser, and special programs manager. She believes putting in the extra effort for her students and the program is a way to “pay it forward” for the many wonderful opportunities that her own TRIO experience offered her. With the knowledge and experience Jennifer has gained from the TRIO programs, she realized that her goal was to pursue a doctoral degree in educational leadership as a way to analyze the education system and its policies in depth. In the future, Jennifer hopes to conduct research studies that will help support opportunities for disadvantaged students and underprepared learners.

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