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Graduate Advising

Reading Specialist (Certification Only)

This program is entirely online.

Students must hold a Master's degree in order to enroll in this program. The Reading Specialist certification includes an option to apply for Master Reading Teacher certification after becoming certified as a Reading Specialist. Certification as a Master Reading Teacher requires 3 years of verifiable classroom teaching experience.

Total hours: 27

Required courses (15 credit hours)
LIST 5326 Teaching the Language Arts in Secondary Schools
LIST 5345 Content Area Reading & Writing
LIST 5350 Literacy Assessment
LIST 5361 Language Learning: Educational Perspectives
LIST 5373 Foundations of Literacy Learning in the Primary Grades
Choose one course from each of the following pairs (6 credit hours)
LIST 5353 Literature for Children and Young Adults
LIST 5354 Multicultural Literature for Children

LIST 5346 Teaching the Writing Process
LIST 5384 Advanced Pedagogy of Writing
Required practicum (6 credit hours)
LIST 5316 Literacy Practicum I (must be taken in first long semester of enrollment)
LIST 5317 Literacy Practicum II (capstone- taken in last long semester of enrollment)