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Graduate Advising

School Counseling Certificate Program

Students must hold a master’s degree or doctoral degree in some education-related field plus have a minimum of 2 years of successful full-time teaching experience. Additional requirements include: personal interview, written statement of intent, criminal background check, letters of recommendation from professional school personnel, successful application to The University of Texas at Arlington’s graduate school, and proficiency in both spoken and written English.

The program involves 15 graduate academic hours over four long semesters. Both the first and second semesters involve two evening courses each. The third and fourth semesters are the practicum semesters. During the practicum, candidates will work in schools under the direction of school counselors. A UTA professor will supervise them. One evening course a week and Friday afternoon seminars will also be included in the practicum semesters. All of the counseling courses will be held on the UTA campus.

GRE and Texas Teacher Certificate are not required.

Applications are available from Dr. Mary Lynn Crow, Program Director,

Total hours: 15

Required Coursework (15 credit hours)
EDUC/EDCO 5340 Advanced Human Growth, Development and Diversity (Fall)
EDUC/EDCO 5241 Ethical, Legal, and Professional Issues in School Counseling (Fall)
EDUC/EDCO 5243 The School Guidance Program (Spring)
EDUC/EDCO 5242 Testing and Assessment in School Counseling (Spring)
EDUC/EDCO 53XX & 53XX Counseling Students in Schools: The Practicum (Fall and Spring)

Program of Work

Upon admission to the program, you will meet with your program director to create a program of work