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Award Opportunity at the 2014 IMBES Conference

Friday, March 7, 2014


IMBES Conference - Nov 6-8 - Fort Worth, TX

The Southwest Center for Mind Brain and Education is organizing and developing the program for the International Mind Brain and Education Society's 2014 Conference in downtown Fort Worth, Texas, November 6-8. Students are encouraged to submit posters for The 2014 UTA College of Education and IMBES President Outstanding Poster Award. The award winner will receive $1,500. For more information about the conference or the award, please follow the links to the IMBES website above.

Dr. Marc Schwartz, Director of the Southwest Center for Mind, Brain and Education and the current President of IMBES, is enthusiastic about the 2014 conference: "While the 2007 conference marked the first IMBES conference, the conference this year marks the Society's 10 year anniversary. Both events bracket important moments in the evolution of the Society. This year's conference not only features speakers from a number of countries, but more importantly a unique conference model. Symposia and workshops are structured to reflect what researchers and educators know about how to share and develop new ideas. Not only will both activities focus on new understandings emerging in MBE but also allow for a shift in focus to the important conversations that need to occur in order to assess the degree to which scientific ideas are ready for the classroom, consider the extent to which further educational research is required, evaluate the potential of current research in meaningfully shaping pedagogy and, finally, to recognize and profit from opportunities to use the classroom to challenge the robustness of research."