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Dr. David Sparks is the Recipient of an Interdisciplinary Research Grant

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Dr. David Sparks' research project, "GREEN STEAM: Using Principles of Design to Power the Development of Outdoor Educational Spaces," is a collaboration between Sparks as Principal Investigator, and two Co-Principal Investigators, David Hopman from Landscape Architecture and Amanda Alexander from Art and Art History.  This project will help local schools build green spaces on their campuses using seed funds to get started.  The teachers and administrators at these schools will be taught sustainable practices which incorporate science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), as well as arts and design (turning STEM to STEAM).  The project will include building a Design with STEAM website, the production of a "GREEN STEAM Guide to Effective, Attractive, and Sustainable Outdoor Educational Spaces," and the development of a Texas GREEN STEAM Conference which will be held each year.  The project will start with local school districts with hopes of expanding to all of DFW and, eventually, the entire state of Texas. The Interdisciplinary Research Grant will provide funding for graduate assistants and expenses incurred by project staff who visit local school district green spaces. The Interdisciplinary Research Grant will also fund seed grants for local schools and funds for the GREEN STEAM Conference.  The GREEN STEAM project is an interdisciplinary collaboration between the College of Education, College of Liberal Arts, and the College of Architecture Planning and Public Affairs. 

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