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Research News

Master's Capstone Research Projects Program

Master's Capstone Research Projects 

COEd Faculty to Present New Research at the 2016 American Educational Research Association International Conference

Seventeen College of Education faculty members presented their research at the 2016 Annual Conference of the American Educational Research Association (AERA) held April 8-12 in Washington, DC. The AERA Annual Conference is the largest and most prestigious gathering of scholars in educational research in the world. The paper submission and review process is highly competitive, with only the most exceptional papers will be selected for presentation. Congratulations to the College of Education faculty members who presented their research at the AERA conference!

2016 Faculty Research Presentations Brochure

2015 Faculty Research Presentations Brochure 

 UTA Co-Presenters

UTA COEd faculty presenters and UTA co-presenters enjoyed a delicious brunch at the Brasserie Beck Restaurant in Washington, DC for the AERA Conference. Attendees: Dr. Kathleen Tice (bottom center), (left side) Dr. Larry Nelson, Dr. Kathryn Pole, Dr. Carla Amaro-Jimenez . (Top Center) Dr. David Sparks,( Right side) Dr. Ann Cavallo, and Dr. Yi Leaf Zhang.

Dr. Pole and Dr. Sparks
Dr. Kathryn Pole and Dr. David Sparks showcasing their research presentations at The AERA Conference in Washington, DC.

Dr. Pole and Dr. Sparks

Dr. Kathryn Pole and Dr. David Sparks answer questions to a participant regarding their presentation at the AERA Conference.

Year in Review

2015 Research Year in Review

Recent Scholarly Research

Lee, J. (2016). Efficacy of implementing College and Career Readiness Standards into elementary math methods courses for teacher candidates. International Journal of Mathematics and Science Education, 14(1), 177-192.

Sparks, D. (2016). Reducing stereotype threat in the science and mathematics classroom: An overview of research, best practices, and intervention strategies. Currents in Teaching and Learning, 8(1), 4-17.

Wasserman, L & Connolly, J (in press), The Garcetti Effect and the Erosion of Free Speech Rights of K-12 Public Education Employees: Trends and Implications. Teachers College Record, 119.

Davis, B.W., Lippa, A.P., Lehr, M., Gooden, M.A., & Dinh, T.V. (2016). Conceptualizing principal and student racial congruence. Journal of School Leadership, 26(4).

Rogers, R., Labadie, M., & Pole, K. (2016). Balancing voice and protection in literacy studies with young children. Journal of Early Childhood Literacy, 16(1), 34-59.

Grants & Awards

Dr. Casey Brown's article, Pursuing the Principalship:  Factors in Assistant Principals’ Decisions” from School Leadership Review Winter 2015, vol. 10, Issue 1, 16-31, was selected for the Outstanding School Leadership Review Article for 2015. Dr. Brown is in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies.

Dr. Yi (Leaf) Zhang, Dr. Maria Trache, and Graduate Assistant Trang Dingh had a research project selected for the 2016 Council for the Study of Community Colleges (CSCC) Research Award. Dr. Zhang, Dr. Trache, and Ms. Dingh are in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies.

Dr. Casey Brown was selected as the 2016 recipient of the Texas Women in Higher Education Leadership Development Grant by Texas Women in Higher Education. Dr. Brown is in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies.