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Undergraduate Advising

Program Admission Requirements

1. Have passing scores or be exempt from the TSI Assessment. Click here to find more information about the TSI. To determine your status, login to your MyMav account and look for the TSI link in your Student Center. The TSI Assessment is required by the State of Texas for placement into college-level courses.

2. In addition, you must have acceptable scores on all 3 sections of the Texas Higher Education Assessment (THEA) test: Reading 270*, Writing 220, Math 230

No other test or class is acceptable for undergraduate admission to the Education program.

*The Reading THEA requirement for program admission is higher than the standard passing score of 230.

You can register online to take the Internet-based (IBT) THEA at the THEA website.  The IBT THEA is offered at a few college test sites within Texas. The University of Texas at Arlington's Testing Services offers the THEA Test (IBT) to students on a monthly basis.  You can read more about the THEA on the Testing Services website.

3. Minimum GPA, not less than 2.75, for any applicant, that leads to a cohort average of 3.0 or higher.

Your cumulative or Last 60 GPA must meet or exceed 2.75 that leads to a cohort average of 3.0 or higher. This is a cumulative GPA that includes grades earned at both UTA and other institutions of higher education.  

4. Required amount of academic coursework must be completed

The number of hours of academic content which can be carried into the program varies depending upon the certification level and program. EC-6 and 4-8 students, refer to your degree plan for further information. Secondary and All-Level students, contact an advisor.

5. Complete the Teacher Certification Application Essay Form.

All students seeking initial teacher certification through the UTA College of Education are required to complete the Teacher Certification Application Essay approximately one semester prior to beginning the education course sequence.