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Graduate Advising

MEDT - Early Childhood - Grade 6 Generalist

If students began the program prior to 2009, they will need to meet with the Faculty Advisor for EC-6 to determine a new Program of Work that will allow them to graduate.

Total hours: 54

EC-6 Certification (33 credit hours; 18 hours will be applied towards the Master's)
EDTC 5301 Current Applications of Technology in Education
ELED 5317 Theories of Childhood Development and Learning
ELED 5318 Foundations of EC-6 Education
ELED 5319 EC-6 Instructional Strategies in Mathematics
ELED 5320 EC-6 Instructional Strategies in Social Studies and the Creative Arts
ELED 5312 EC-6 Instructional Strategies in Science
EDUC 5310 Diverse Populations in Today's Schools
LIST 5373 Literacy Learning in the Elementary School: Reading and Writing
LIST 5345 Content Area Reading and Writing
BEEP 5321 Instruction in ESL/Bilingual Settings
ELED 5315 Practicum (Twelve-week Student Teaching Experience)
Core/Research Courses (12 credit hours)
EDUC 5394 Understanding Classroom Research
EDUC 5395 Designing Classroom Research
EDUC 5397 Implementing and Disseminating Classroom Research
EDUC 5309 History and Current Trends in EC-6 Education
Concentration Area (9 credit hours):

Choose one of the following concentration areas:

LIST 5350 Literacy and Authentic Assessment: EC-6
LIST 5353 or Literature for Children
LIST 5354 Multicultural Literature for Children
LIST 5346 or Teaching the Writing Process
LIST 5384 Advanced Pedagogy of Writing
MASTER READING TEACHER (3 Courses)- requires 2 to 3 years teaching experience
LIST 5350 Literacy and Authentic Assessment: EC-6
LIST 5361 Language Learning: Educational Perspectives
LIST 5373 Foundations of Literacy Learning in EC-6 Classrooms
LIST 5354 Multicultural Literature for Children
LIST 5361 Language Learning: Educational Perspectives
LIST 5362 Literacy Instruction in ESL/Bilingual Settings
MATH 5375
MAED 5351
Constructing Whole Numbers and Operations or
Whole Numbers, Rational Numbers and Operations
MATH 5377
MAED 5352
Algebraic Reasoning in K-8 Mathematics or
Patterns and Algebra
MATH 5376 Constructing Rational Numbers and Operations
MATH 5343
MAED 5353
Concepts and Techniques in Probability & Statistics
Probability and Statistics
MATH 5370
MAED 5354
Problem Solving in K-8 Mathematics or
Problem Solving
MATH 5378
MAED 5355
Geometry Concepts in K-8 Mathematics or
Conceptual Geometry
MATH 5379
MAED 5356
Measurement Concepts in K-8 Mathematics or

Program of Work

Click here to download Program of Work planning document. Upon admission to the program, you will meet with your program director to create a program of work. This will plot out what courses you will take each semester until you complete the degree.

Student Teaching

The last course required for certification is titled "Practicum". This is the semester when students do their Student Teaching. Partnerships with specific school districts and schools have been established to host UT Arlington Residents. We work closely with specific schools to build strong mentoring relationships between teachers and students, and therefore place all students in partner school settings. Students are not able to select the district or school for their placement.

Field Application Deadline

Students must apply for Student Teaching with the Office of Professional Development. Fall applications are accepted during the month of February and spring applications are accepted during the month of October. Orientations for Student Teaching are set for August and December. Please email the Program Coordinator/Director for specific dates.


Candidates must pass all appropriate state exams and apply for appropriate state certifications with the State Board for Educator Certification / Texas Education Agency within six months of the completion of their student teaching, internship, or practicum program. If a candidate allows the six month period to go by without passing all state exams and applying for certification, additional coursework and/or state exams will be required for recommendation for certification. Additional coursework will be determined by the appropriate Program Director in consultation with the faculty. See Program of Work planning document for other details.