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Department of Kinesiology

Degree Requirements

All students accepted into the Master’s of Science in Athletic Training program will complete 52 hours of coursework, which includes 46 hours of required coursework and six hours of electives.

Required Courses

KINE 5120     Clinical Experience I
KINE 5130     Clinical Experience II
KINE 5140     Clinical Experience III
KINE 5150     Clinical Experience IV
KINE 5160     Clinical Experience V
KINE 5220     Preventative Techniques in Athletic Training
KINE 5300     Research Methods in Kinesiology
KINE 5305     Applied Statistical Principles in Kinesiology
KINE 5329     Strength and Conditioning
KINE 5333     Health Care Administration
KINE 5334     Seminar in Athletic Training
KINE 5420     Concepts in Athletic Training
KINE 5430     Orthopedic Assessment I
KINE 5431     Orthopedic Assessment II
KINE 5432     Pathophysiology and Pharmacology
KINE 5433     Therapeutic Interventions I
KINE 5434     Therapeutic Interventions II

Elective Courses

KINE 5196     Research in Athletic Training
KINE 5197     Internship in Athletic Training
KINE 5296     Research in Athletic Training
KINE 5297     Internship in Athletic Training
KINE 5396     Research in Athletic Training
KINE 5397     Internship in Athletic Training
KINE 5320     Advanced Physiology of Exercise
KINE 5328     Neuromuscular Physiology of Exercise
KINE 5330     Applied Biomechanics
KINE 5331     Obesity and Weight Management
KINE 5345     Sport Nutrition