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Department of Kinesiology


Body Composition Testing

dexaDXA Scan for body fat percentage - $90.00 ($75.00 for UTA faculty, staff, and students)
Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry or DXA is the most accurate and reproducible test for body composition.  The scan provides whole body percent fat percentage results as well as the weight of the fat, lean tissue in the torso, arms and legs.  In addition you will be provided an analysis of your fat distribution.

Skinfolds Method for body fat percentage - $25.00
Seven site skinfold test is done to estimate body fat percentage.  This is a test that measures the amount of fat in seven sites on the body and provides an accurate estimate of your body fat percentage and lean tissue weight.  

aerobic testingAerobic Fitness Testing

VO2max with Ventilatory Threshold - $90.00 ($75.00 for UTA faculty, staff, alumni and students)
Are you a runner?  Are you training for a 10K or marathon?  Are you a cyclist? Many runners and cyclist want to know their aerobic capacity and their anaerobic or ventilatory threshold.  VO2max is the maximum amount of oxygen that the body can take in and utilize during exercise.  With this test you can also establish your maximal heart rate, training heart rate, and ventilatory threshold.  The ventilatory threshold is the point at which the body begins to switch from operating aerobically to anaerobically.  With training your ventilatory threshold will occur later in the exercise session.  If you are looking for your max heart rate, training heart rate, and anaerobic threshold measured through gas exchange, this is the test for you. 

Lactate Threshold Testing ($50)
In addition to the information in the VO2max with ventilatory threshold testing above we offer the lactate threshold testing.  This threshold is determined utilizing the ramp running or bike protocol.  The procedure is simple with blood being taken at precise intervals through a small finger stick and measured through a Lactate Analyzer.  This test offers the athlete a true lactate threshold with maximal and training heart rate.

Fitness Testing for Aerobic Exercise Prescription - $50.00 ($35.00 for UTA faculty, staff, alumni and students)
This test is done to accurately measure a person’s true resting heart rate and maximum heart rate. This is a running or cycling test that takes the subject from a low level of exercise to maximum.  With this information we can estimate your aerobic capacity and establish a proper training heart rate for aerobic exercise.

wingateWingate Anaerobic Power Testing - $50.00 ($35.00 for UTA faculty, staff, alumni and students
The purpose of this test is to determine the Peak Power of the athlete.  This is an all-out exhaustive 30 second cycling test.  Athletes interested in this test include competitive cyclists, sprinters and triathlon competitors.

Nutritional Assessment and Weight Loss Coaching

Resting Energy Assessment (REE) - 90.00 ($75.00 for UTA faculty, staff, alumni and students)
The Resting Energy Expenditure of a person accounts for 60-75% of the total caloric expenditure.  It represents the total amount of calories needed to sustain the body at rest for a 24 hour period.  Finding your accurate REE can aid with establishing dietary needs in weight loss programs.

Executive Medical Assessment

executiveExecutive Medical Assessment Program $350.00 ($300.00 for UTA faculty, staff, alumni and students)
This program is designed to be a streamlined assessment for the busy executive.  The following tests are done to provide a road map to success.  The program includes the following tests:

  • Physical Examination by a Board Certified Physician
  • Cardiac Stress Test with 12 Lead ECG
  • DXA Scan for Bone Density and Body Fat Percentage
  • Pulmonary Function Test – Flow Volume Loop
  • Metabolic Blood Analysis for evaluation of cholesterol, liver and kidney functions, etc.
  • Urinalysis
  • Sit and Reach Flexibility Assessment
  • Exercise and Wellness Counseling