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Department of Kinesiology

Professors Emeriti

Eugene W. Anderson, Professor Emeritus (posthumous)

Eugene AndersonEugene W. Anderson dedicated 43 years of his life to devoted and effective service to our profession. During his first 16 years at the University (1978-1994), Dr. Anderson skillfully, diplomatically, and loyally guided what was then called the Department of Exercise, Sport, and Health Studies as its chair. New curricula were thoughtfully and sagaciously established with a calm and deliberate efficiency aptly describing his professional and personal demeanor. Considerable time, forethought, and expertise were devoted to the planning of a professional educational facility comparable to the quality academic program that was crafted during his tenure. Continual consideration, thought, and effort were devoted to the development of a professional faculty to increase the academic credentials of the unit.

Anderson lead by example and contributed to the academic quality of the program by regularly carrying heavy teaching loads. The universal respect held by students, faculty, and staff is exhibited in the endowed Eugene W. Anderson Memorial Scholarship and the Anderson Sport Performance Lecture Series established in his honor. A caring and nurturing scholar who had great regard for students, he continued to contribute to our professional academic unit by teaching, advising, and serving for an additional three years as a professor after resigning his departmental chair duties.

A highly skilled pedagogist, he initially served as a high school teacher and coach for a period of four years, transitioned to the position of college professor (eight years), then department chair (nine years), and finally the Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs prior to his arrival at The University of Texas at Arlington. A compassionate man, he served his profession at numerous levels with committee contributions and his community and church by actively participating in organizations and offices.

The personal influence of Eugene W. Anderson will continue to be felt in the Department of Kinesiology in the curriculum evolution, in the facility development, and in the lives of faculty, staff, and students as they pursue their varied careers. Our educational environment and world as a whole would be at higher levels if all people possessed the attitude and understanding of our friend and former colleague.

Elba G. Stafford, Professor Emeritus

Elba StaffordIn recognition of 43 years of service, the Department of Kinesiology, the general faculty, and the administration of The University of Texas at Arlington expressed their gratitude to Elba G. Stafford by conferring upon him the title of Professor Emeritus.

Dr. Stafford applied academic knowledge, professional skill, and managerial acumen to make significant impact within his arena of influence in each of several positions of responsibility in university administrative, professional endeavor and public and community service during his 15 years of service to the University. In fulfilling the foregoing roles, he demonstrated dynamic leadership in providing guidance and motivation to his colleagues and to students alike. He was a caring, thoughtful and dedicated individual who was our departmental leader and the heart and sole of our department and the teacher education certification program during his time of service. He diligently and thoughtfully crafted the curricula, which is currently in place for the training of our pedagogy students thus allowing them the opportunity for success in their chosen profession.

A scholarly man who was current with his profession, Stafford actively participated in the research arena with international, national, regional, and state publications and presentations, as well as participation in several successful grant projects. He contributed and supported his chosen profession with service on numerous pedagogical committees at all of the immediately mentioned levels. He was the consummate professor, as exhibited by his participation in the scholarly, pedagogical, and service arenas along with the continually exhibited attitude of serving students and others before himself.

The professional career of Elba G. Stafford of seven years as a public school instructor, Director of a Campus Laboratory School Physical Education Curriculum, and Coordinator of the Undergraduate Professional Physical Education Program at four different universities typifies his resourcefulness and selfless devotion to our profession and the students who he served and loved. His students and colleagues are all better for his time among us.