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Department of Kinesiology

Biomechanics Laboratory

Lab Description

The Biomechanics Laboratory is equipped to study kinetic and kinematic analysis of gait, balance, postural control, mechanical analysis of injury, mechanical analysis of rehabilitative exercises and EMG force/fatigue relationships. The primary goal of the laboratory is to investigate the mechanisms related to injury and the effects of rehabilitation programs on minimizing the likelihood of injury.

biomechanics lab

Lab Equipment

  • 6 camera Vicon 460 motion analysis system
  • 2 AMTI force plates
  • 16 channel Bagnoli EMG system
  • Biodex System 3 dynamometer
  • accelerometers for impact and muscle vibration
  • Load cells
  • Electronic goniometers

Current/Recent Projects

Investigation of passive knee joint stiffness in individuals with unilateral knee joint osteoarthritis.

Modeling dynamic balance and the limits of stability using an inverted pendulum model.

Comparison of elbow flexor muscle activation in eccentric and concentric contactions as a function of angular velocity.

Effectiveness of CPR Administration when Administered on a Cardiac Bed (PI: Dr. Carolyn Cason, Dr. Cindy Trowbridge, Dr. Mark Ricard; funded by Laerdal and the American Heart Association).

Clinical Evaluation of Computerized Muscle Action Test in the Treatment of Low Back Pain (PI: Dr. Robert Gatchel, Co-PI: Dr. Mark Ricard).