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Department of Kinesiology

Brain Injury Laboratory

Lab Description

The Brain Injury Laboratory focuses on measurement issues in concussion management, investigating potential biomarkers, specifically from the pituitary gland, and incorporating functional magnetic resonance imaging to address metabolic aspects of concussion. In addition we address interdisciplinary collaboration to address these and other areas of concussion and other sport-related injuries such as exertional heat illness.

brain injury lab

Lab Equipment

  • NeuroCom Smart Balance Master
  • Molecular Devices Corp. Spectramax M2F
  • Thermo Scientific Fevco HD Series Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer
  • Thermo Fischer IEC CL2 General Purpose Centrifuge

Current/Recent Projects

  • Reliability of Commerically Available Computerized Neuropsychological Tests
  • Baseline and Post-Concussion Testing in Athletes Diagnosed with Sports Related Concussion
  • A Study of Concussion in High School Athletics
  • Reliability of the Sensory Organization Test: An Investigation of the Effects of Mood, Gender, and Testing Order