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Department of Kinesiology

Postural Control Laboratory

Lab Description

The Postural Control Laboratory develops evidence-based interventions designed to improve postural control in the elderly (pre-frail, non-frail and visually impaired). The lab is dedicated to the study of geriatric syndromes and their impact on fall risk.

Specifically, the research being conducted in the lab is committed to developing more sensitive predictors of falls by employing increased cognitive and environmental load computerized dynamic posturography testing and evaluating the impact of treatments on older adults capacity to withstand these increased load conditions.  

postural control lab

Lab Equipment

  • Smart Neurocom Balance Manager
  • Gaitrite System
  • Wii

Current/Recent Projects

  • WAIMS: Wireless Automated Inpatient Monitoring System (PI: Dr. Roozbeh Jafari, Co-I: Dr. Chris Ray, Dr. David Keller; funded by UTA/UTD/TI/THRE Medical Technology Research Program)
  • PerFoRmance Trial for Pre-Frail Elderly (PI: Dr. Chris Ray, Co-PI: Dr. Kathryn Daniel; funded by UT Arlington Research Enhancement Program)