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Department of Kinesiology

Athletic Training/Sports Medicine Laboratory

Lab Description 

The studies conducted in this lab primarily focus on the clinical effectiveness of therapeutic modalities and rehabilitation protocols in treating musculoskeletal injuries. Athletic training education is the second research focus of this lab, with a special interest in the teaching and learning of athletic training clinical skills and clinical decision-making.

sports med lab

Lab Equipment

  • Iso-Thermex digital thermometer system
    •    Tissue and Surface thermocouples
  • Pulsed Short-wave diathermy machine
  • Continuous shortwave diathermy machine
  • Ice machine
  • Hydrocollator
  • Game Ready Cooling devices
  • OmniStim therapeutic ultrasound machines
  • OmniStim electrical stimulation units
  • TENS units
  • MicroFet – handheld dynamometer
  • Algometer pressure gauge
  • Assorted musculoskeletal rehabilitation equipment

Current/Recent Projects

  • The effects of continuous circulating water and cyclical compression applied at distal thigh on blood flow mechanics, thigh skin surface temperature, and distal quadriceps intramuscular temperature.
  • Effect of Topical Analgesic Cream (Pain Relief) On Anaerobic Performance and Muscle Pain
  • Tissue temperature changes after 20 minutes of passive or active heating on distal quadriceps muscle.
  • Development and Integration of a Standardized Patient Model to Improve Clinical Decision Making Across the Athletic Training Curriculum
  • The effect of InterX electrotherapy on pain relief and strength restoration in patients with elbow epicondylitis
  • The Relationship between Intramuscular Temperature and Subcutaneous Adipose Thickness during and after Shortwave Diathermy Treatments